Fall 2022 – Spring 2023 Events

Devils Invent: Back In Person

October 14–16, 2022

This was our first event since 2020 without a mask requirement. As the rest of the country is beginning to return to pre-COVID-19 behaviors, we’re seeing that this transition is not smooth for everyone. Teams for this event were tasked with creating solutions to improve the life and work transitions people are experiencing as we move out of the pandemic.

Event Winners:

1stSungineers (Oceane Ingram, Shikhar Narwar)
2nd PNARDS (Anmol Rao, Deep Goyal, Nishant Dhongadi, Ryan Woo, Pranav Artikatia, Sahil Sinha)
3rdEST 1410 (Raghul Manogeran, Kalyanam Dewari, Ipsit Sahoo)

Devils Invent: Aerospace Sustainability

November 18–20, 2022

In this event, students were tasked with identifying solutions to make the aerospace industry more sustainable. Honeywell was a proud sponsor for this event as they are dedicated to driving the transformation to a sustainable future and being carbon-neutral by 2035.

Event Winners:

1st – H Doulmus (Heather Palfreyman , Udayketan Mohanty, Deandre San Agustin, Matisse De Roo, Luc Teachout, Sam Krochman, Oscar Kozieja)
2nd – Houston (Sydney Lenski, Adithi Muruganandam, Anirudh Manjesh, Sadie Cullings)
3rd – Steminists (Ocean Ingram, Addison Sanora, Anastasia Ivanova, Noemi Santan Gonzalez, Sharmila Nimbkar, Yibo Chen)

Devils Invent + DASSH: Protecting America’s Public Access Areas

February 24–26, 2023

In this event coordinated with DASSH ( Designing Actionable Solutions for a Secure Homeland), students from universities around the United States were tasked with identifying solutions to protect America’s public access areas. Students focused their efforts on solving one of these three problem statements: 1) How do we guide crowds to good decisions during an attack? 2) How do we enable effective and timely communication among stakeholders and responders to allow for oversight and response to an attack? 3) How can we inform and enable civilians to prepare for a drone attack?

Problem Statement 1 Winners:
1st – AzTechs (SDSU)
3rd5 Gals (ASU-Poly)
3rdSafeside (ASU)

Problem Statement 2 Winners:
1stMalindo (ASU)
2ndSecurity Squadron (ASU)
3rdUDC Unicorns (UDC)

Problem Statement 3 Winners:
1stThe Untouchables (UDC)
2ndShelter in the Storm (NU)
3rdThe Broncos (FSU)