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FSE 394: Interdisciplinary Mobile Application Development

FSE 394 Registration

The Fulton Schools of Engineering is partnering with Watts College to tackle problem areas in our community (and beyond) while learning to code with Apple Swift. This is also a great opportunity to get involved with Design Experiences and learn more about the resources we offer on campus to learn, build, and grow MORE!

Macbooks will be provided for the semester as needed.

Scan the QR Code to register or email Dr. Anthony Kuhn directly to inquire about this course.


The InnovationSpace program provides students with a unique opportunity to complete a real-world product-development project. Using the Integrated Innovation model, teams of students from all majors spend one to two semesters researching, developing and refining concepts. Throughout the yearlong program student work includes:

  • exploring user, societal and environmental needs
  • analyzing market trends and consumer demand
  • investigating new technologies

All final deliverables are accompanied by proof-of-concept and appearance models as well as detailed Innovation Proposals. These proposals summarize user research; present a product concept; provide engineering specifications; outline a product-communication strategy; chart a comprehensive business plan; and detail a comprehensive roadmap for sustainability.

InnovationSpace is for you if you want to:

  • contribute to a better society
  • engage with top-performing students in other disciplines
  • learn from top-notch faculty and real-world corporate mentors
  • acquire valuable experience in cross-functional teamwork
  • gain a solid grounding in how to commercialize a product