Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can apply?

Any ASU student of all majors, both undergraduate and graduate students, are welcome!

How do I get involved?

Students – If you are interested in participating please head over to this link and sign up.

Volunteers – If you are unable to dedicate your whole weekend to this event, come check it out for a few hours. Please see what we have available to volunteer.

Sponsors/Mentors and others – Please contact Melissa Stine at 480-727-0074 or send an email to

How do teams work?

Teams can fluctuate depending on the event, but generally consist of 3-6 students. You can come with a pre-formed team but each team member must register individually. If you’re coming without teammates, don’t worry!

What if I’m a beginner?

Every innovator needs to start somewhere! There will be workshops and mentors on board to help you dive into the world of design. No experience required!

What about prizes?

On Sunday, you will be presenting your project to a panel of judges based on the technical difficulty, innovation, originality, and practicality of your product. The top 3 teams will be awarded prizes.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any other questions, please contact Melissa Stine at