2018 – 2019 Events

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Devils Invent: Dealer’s Choice

March 22nd-24th, 2019– Tempe Campus

Do you have an idea you would like to bring to market? Do you want to join a team to build and/or design an innovative concept? Join us at Devils Invent: Dealer’s Choice! Don’t worry if you don’t already have an idea, we will be providing some for you too!

Event Winners

Team: WHY NOT?
Team Members: Dev Patel, Khushman Sancheti, Hatvi Thakkar, Dhruva Lokegaokar, Terry Obeng

Devils Invent: Invent for the Planet

February 15-17, 2019– Tempe Campus

Invent for the Planet is a 48-hour intensive design experience that engages students at different universities around the world on a single weekend to solve high impact, global problems. Invent for the Planet was held in multiple locations across the globe simultaneously.

Event Winners

Team: DAEH
Team Members: David Manford, Andrew Deros, Emmanuel Hanson, Alex Hollar, Nurulhaq Hasan
Project: Memory Glass is intended to help Alzheimers patients with their day to day social interactions by providing them with real time reminders of the identities of the people they are currently speaking with. The technology is based off facial recognition and glass lens projection. Our attachment to glasses recognizes the face directly in front of the patient. and displays their name and relationship to the patient on t If the face is recognized as a loved one or caregiver then the Name and relationship are projected onto the patient’s glasses. This would inherently remove the need for patients to ask who someone is mid conversation and ultimately one day reconnect them to society.

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Devils Invent: IoT

October 23-28, 2018– Tempe Campus

Devils Invent: IoT in support from Allstate and Cisco, partnered with Queen’s University Belfast to bring you our first ever collaborative international hackathon working together to solve our design challenge centered around the Internet of Things.


Event Winners

Team: Hotel 4
Team Members: ASU Students: Guibin Song, Nana Kwame Okwae QUB Students: Gyan Wickremasinghe, Joshua Beatty
Project: Hotel 4 proposed a smart parking space monitoring system based on IoT technology to help people find vacant parkings as quick and easy as possible. The parking spaces are monitored by using wireless sensors or by utilizing image recognition technique, then the gathered parking vacancy information is sent to a cloud data center via wifi models. After the data being analyzed and integrated in the cloud center, the available parking information is shared to user end via smartphone apps, online map services and e-Tickets. Just one click on the smartphone or one asking to voice assistant devices is all needed to know exactly where to park. This proposed parking monitoring system can reduce a large amount of time, energy and money otherwise being wasted during searching the vacant parking, which is particularly helpful in cities with limited parking resources.


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Devils Invent: NKK SmartSwitch®

September 21–23, 2018– Tempe Campus

Devils Invent brought to you by NKK SmartSwitch® was focused on their SmartSwitch® technology. A SmartSwitch® is a revolutionary new way to combine the tactile feel of a button with the immersive display of a touch screen.

Event Winners

Team: The Boogie Babes
Team Members: Bodhi England, Sakura Swain, Nick Moran, Shaib Ahmed, Guibin Song, Taylor Miller
Project: The Boogie Bike is an idea to make using your phone while riding your bike less dangerous and more enjoyable. It extends the functions of a phone to a user interface panel mounted to the handlebar of the bike. By designing this user interface with the NKK Smart