2017 – 2018 Events

Cyber Security

September 15-17, 2017– Tempe Campus

Cyber security is a growing field that is in desperate need of attention. This event asked students to help defend some of the ever increasing number of data vulnerabilities. The number of devices that are currently connected to the internet is now greater than the world’s population and servers make up a very small percentage of that number. Instead, there are now ways to infiltrate thermostats, security cameras, vehicles, watches, doorbells, and any device that has connectivity added to it.

Event Winners

Team: CamGuard
Team Members: Rahularajan Karthikeyan, Vishnu Vardhan Kancharla, Nithin Sagar Nallagula
Project: CamGuard works to create devices that harden wireless security cameras against attacks.


October 20-22, 2017– Tempe Campus

This event spent time teaching about how to build an interactive Virtual Reality experience. Virtual Reality has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift provided an immersion unlike any other device and with the help of our students added an immersion of ideas.

Event Winners

Team: c.A.R.
Team Members: Alex Betram, Troy Gerlaff, Garrett Doling-Bregar, Joshua Sicz, Nick Arnieri, Vikram Ranasway

Fantasy & Fiction

November 17-19, 2017– Tempe Campus

This event encouraged students to connect fantasy and fiction with innovative engineering solutions. Anything went, from 3D printing a magical wand, building a light saber or programing an app or game based on the life of fictional characters. The opportunities were endless.

Event Winners

Team: Rendering Bullets
Team Members: Mohit Doshi, Alexander Vermillion, Rahularajan Karthikeyan
Project: Rendering Bullets’ USB is an Affordable, Immersive, and Intuitive controller for all gamers.

Invent for the Planet

February 16-18, 2018– Tempe Campus

Invent for the Planet was a 48-hour intensive design experience that engages students at different universities around the world on a single weekend to solve high impact, global problems. Invent for the Planet was held in multiple locations across the globe simultaneously.

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Event Winners

Team: Pee Squared
Team Members: Carlos Zamora, Sahas Chitlange, Wyatt Del Carlo
Project: Affordable, dependable way to provide lights to students in developing areas.

Bring Your Own Idea

March 23-25, 2018– Polytechnic Campus

Devils Invent: Bring Your Own Idea allowed for students to bring their ideas to life with no particular theme and no limitations to their innovative creativity.

Event Winners

Team: Code Red
Team Members: Tareq Azzouni, Omar Budgahaish, Mohammad Salah, Jared Hsv, David Anderson
Project: Code Red was created to help minimize casualties in school shootings.